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My First Few Months as a California Talent Agent

The Learning Curve

Intially, I had stars in my eyes, from both by meeting & signing my small pool of talent to the building up my contacts. I thanked my genius for beginning to build up my database of venues, contacts, and services while gathering the paperwork and jumping hoops to gain my license here in California. Which, was no easy task. I was lucky that I was lived in an unincorporated area of San Diego County, I did not require a business license to run my agency from my cozy home office.

In Fact, that would be my first word of advice, to build your contact and venue lists early during your set up stage. Create a database of venues. Separate the festivals and fairs from clubs, wineries and lounges list. Allow a system where you can log contacts and for which artist. You can keep international venues together or separate from American & Canadain venues. You build it early so as after you get licensed (if your state requires it), you can be ready to make contacts for your first client. Keep updating. Things change. Some venues are born and others die off each year. So while part of the day is updating your list, adding new venues or contact persons, adding email and phone numbers. Spreadsheets full of contact info and logs is a value tool. Always ‘Save’ after changes. Keep a back-up.

Words of Advice New Talent Agent

Know it is not going to be easy or quick to land that first gig. There is artist presentation involved on some levels that you should not ignore. Social Media is one and should be #1. Facebook, Reverbnation, and Twitter are the top 3. If your artist does not have, then create one for them or a create a fan page. They should have a webpage. Sometimes they may not have their own page. What I do is create a roster page that acts as a one-page website and as an EPK page.

Other tips; Time management. This gets to be important as your roster grows. Another tip: don’t just pick talent for your roster unless you believe in their music and like their direction. If you don’t believe in their music how are you going to sell them to the venue? Like their music and you will be that much enthused to present them.

I will be adding other tips as I go along and may cover more on a topic I have brought up here or in future posts. If you have questions or want to suggest a topic feel free to contact me.

Why AhhFlee

What is ‘AhhFlee’

I been asked what is ‘AhhFlee’. Where did that name come from? What does it mean? Well, I can start by telling you that AhhFlee is a combination of two words, ‘Ahh’ and ‘Flee’. Still confused? Let me clear it up even further.

The ‘Ahh’ portion is the sound we make when we discover something magnificent. It is the echo of exuberance, of clarity, and of having one’s goal insight. The ‘Ahh’ in AhhFlee is that and more. It is the utterance one makes when the senses are stimulated like listening to music that moves one inside and gets one’s foot tapping or when reading words that stimulate one’s mind so much one desires to read more. And last, the ‘Ahh’ is how the first part of Ahlia is pronounced.

As for ‘Flee’ in AhhFlee I can start by saying it is not the blood sucking pest. Our ‘Flee’ is of flight in an upward trajectory. Positive forces moving one to higher levels of creativity and of self. It can also mean that rather than being stagnant in the hole, we are soaring to new heights in our creative processes. That is how we flee at AhhFlee.

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