Creative Entanglements

AhhFlee Enterprises encompasses an umbrella of Creative and Not so Creative Entanglements including writing, design, art, and other creative endeavors, as well as non-artistic projects such as Salesforce Consultancy and Accounting.

While AhhFlee Enterprises was in California, up until 2021, we ran a Licenced and Bonded Talent Agency for Blues Musicians under AhhFlee Productions in 2017-2018. Under AhhFlee Publishing we Self-Published a poetry collection for Ahlia Demas, "Stained Sheets", in 2018. Both of these companies rested under the AhhFlee Enterprises umbrella of Creative Entanglements.

Relocated to Pittsburgh in the winter of 2021, AhhFlee Enterprises is looking forward to producing more creative treats. We are inticipating more publishing works in 2022/2023, as well as creating more graphic designs, more art and since COVID is winding down, possibly bring back the Blues Talent Agency.

Belly Up wall of posters

AhhFlee Productions

AhhFlee Productions handles the music side of the umbrella. From being a licensed talent agent for blues musicians to song writing, AhhFlee Productions handles it. Though Ahlia no longer plays the bass like she use to, she will dabble with guitar, uke, percussions and even the cowbell. Gotta have more cowbell.

AhhFlee Publications

AhhFlee Publications handles the writings of Ahlia Demas. Encompassing her poetry, short stories, screenplays, and any other written creations. She has been published in various magazines, self published three poetry books and one fiction novel that is set to be in print late 2022/early 2023.


AhhFlee covers the miscellaneous creations such as art, inventions, photography, web design and any other creation that is not part of AhhFlee Productions or AhhFlee Publications.