Stained Sheets

"Stained Sheets" is a collection of poetry I started in 2008. This collection had no promise to anyone, as with “Snow Fox”, nor was there any special dedication to be made, as with “20 Sunsets”. This collection displays a different flavor compared to my first two chapbooks.  There are poems in this collection that bared teeth while other poems jangled twisted humor. It is with this collection that I am aiming at having it professionally printed and as also in e-book format with a real color cover. It will include, in the rear sections of the book, some of the poems from “Snow Fox” and “20 Sunsets”.

Currently the book is still pending print as I had taken a few years off due to the PTSD. Actually I had slowed the progress since 2010 due to life challenges such as overtime work at ALOR International, the death of my big brother, Bobby, and of course, a month after that when I got involved (and married) the man that would terrorize me (eventually he would end up shooting himself in front of me just a few month after he tried to kill us both – thus my PTSD trauma event).

Stained Sheets is slowly coming back. I been taking time reviewing my poetry files, between moments of clarity, editing and print out the poems that I will be including in this collection. I foresee being printed at the end of 2018 if not sooner. Here is a sample from Stained Sheets.

To L.........

I could get lost
  Among the ruins of
    Statuesque beauties,
     those velvety desserts
       that you splendor.
Lost between
  The dampen sheets
   Of a thousand faces.
      And thousands
of tangled limbs.
   There among dozens of lovers
      Upon hundreds of others....
      Am I to be lost
           In the definition?